Chainsaw sculpture

I am somewhat in awe of anyone who can take a piece of marble or wood or clay and turn it into a three-dimensional representation of something. That someone does that, not with chisels but with a band of metal spikes whizzing around at high speed, only adds to the sense of admiration for their skill.

Chainsaw sculpture seems to have become a regular feature of county shows over the last few years, so there are plenty of opportunities to observe the sculptors practice their art. I took these photos at this year’s Cheshire Game and County Fair: some during the speed carving competition, the others around the periphery.

Sitting on a park bench… Part 2

I took another of my all too rare trips into Manchester the other day. As with my previous post on this subject, I soon became very aware that almost everyone who was sat on a bench was checking their phone — or, at least, had it in their hand ready.

The gentleman above is engrossed in his phone on Market Street, whilst the people below were all relaxing in Library Walk (still my favourite bit of Manchester despite that horrible atrium they built at one end of it).


Sitting on a park bench

Sitting on a bench

I suppose quoting Jethro Tull’s Aqualung is a bit unfair on the subjects of these images, but I couldn’t resist.

These come from the same walk that I talked about in my last post (too long ago…). I’m only able to post them now because, well, I’ve only just got round to having them processed. These pictures were all shot on film — a medium I still enjoy using — and processing costs are a wee bit high, so I like to get a few rolls together to make it worthwhile. Continue reading “Sitting on a park bench”

Respect the performer

I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy photographing musicians playing. There are other forms of performance, though, and these can be as much fun and as much of a challenge to photograph.

Something that might not be immediately thought of as ‘performance’ is delivering a talk or lecture. And yet, to do this well requires similar skills to any musical or acting performance. Continue reading “Respect the performer”

The city by night

Some cities wake up when the sun goes down, whilst others go to sleep.

York leans toward the latter – a vibrant tourist trap by day, by night it becomes the haunt mostly of the ghost walkers. One could be forgiven for thinking that everyone who is out in York at night is either guiding or being led on a tour of the ghost stories of the city. Continue reading “The city by night”