Chainsaw sculpture

I am somewhat in awe of anyone who can take a piece of marble or wood or clay and turn it into a three-dimensional representation of something. That someone does that, not with chisels but with a band of metal spikes whizzing around at high speed, only adds to the sense of admiration for their skill.

Chainsaw sculpture seems to have become a regular feature of county shows over the last few years, so there are plenty of opportunities to observe the sculptors practice their art. I took these photos at this year’s Cheshire Game and County Fair: some during the speed carving competition, the others around the periphery.

Doors, windows and colour

(Trigger warning for possible arty bollocks ahead)

I’ve had a bit of a thing for a few years now for photographing doors and windows. A large part of it is, I think, that they appeal to that part of me that likes clean geometric shapes. Mostly rectangles with the occasional triangle or semicircle and usually a high degree of symmetry, there’s a sense of order about them that can take on an almost abstract quality. Continue reading “Doors, windows and colour”