I’ve mentioned before that I love the seaside and I love photographing the seaside. It doesn’t matter if it’s in season or out, good weather or bad, there’s something there to photograph, or a mood to be captured.

Of course, that’s true everywhere — I just happen to find more inspiration there than in other places.

We got thoroughly soaked on a recent trip to Southport. The weather was OK as we set off, but by the time we got to the coast, it had turned and settled in to a heavy downpour. What I like about this is the incongruity: here’s a place that is designed to be heaving with people — noise, colour, movement — and yet it’s virtually deserted. There’s a feeling… not of sadness particularly, but of unused potential; a sense that it’s just waiting for the people to return and all will be well again.

The city by night

Some cities wake up when the sun goes down, whilst others go to sleep.

York leans toward the latter – a vibrant tourist trap by day, by night it becomes the haunt mostly of the ghost walkers. One could be forgiven for thinking that everyone who is out in York at night is either guiding or being led on a tour of the ghost stories of the city. Continue reading “The city by night”

It was a bit damp out there

Some pictures taken during a heavy rain shower:

I was particularly pleased with two images that show the falling raindrops. This is quite rare when photographing rain: the drops often fail to register because they are either too small or moving too fast. Usually, you have to rely on splashes, umbrellas and cowering people to suggest the conditions, as you can see in the other pictures (it was raining heavily in all but the first one).

Massive props, by the way, to the Altrincham choir who performed through the downpour without missing a beat and never losing their smiles.

For those interested in these things:

Olympus OM-D; Zuiko 17mm f/1.8; Zuiko 45mm f/1.8