New name, new start

Having let this blog lie fallow for nearly a year, this seems as good a time as any to resurrect it under a new name.

I’m nearing the end of my college course and getting scarily close to the time that I have to put all this into practice and starting earning money from my photography. Another scary prospect that’s on the horizon is the end-of-year show that my college friends and I are putting on in June. We’re putting it on at CUBE in Manchester (opening date to be confirmed, but it’ll be around June 14th-15th); it’s a lovely gallery in a good location, but it’s costing a packet to hire. We’ve got a crowdfunder page set up here to beg for assistance paying for it. This is an important show for us – it’s our opportunity to present ourselves to the world: as such, it’s a key factor in progressing our careers as jobbing photographers. We’re offering invitations to the opening night for anyone who donates and we’re also offering various sizes of prints for higher amounts. See the link for details.