Guinea pigs wanted

The time has come to start seriously thinking about the details of what I intend to provide as part of my new business. To that end, I’m looking for volunteers to help me refine the content and presentation of my photowalks and tutorials.

What I’m offering is free sessions to anyone who’s willing to put up with a work-in-progress. We can go for walks in the Manchester and Cheshire areas and talk about photography and how to ‘see’ more effectively, how to handle your camera to get the best out of it – anything photography related, really. What you’re getting is some (hopefully) useful advice on taking better pictures; what I’m getting is feedback on what people want from such things.

Alternatively, if you want a more relaxed bit of tuition, whether it’s technical details of camera use, how to use an image processing program to jazz up your pictures, or just learn a bit more about contemporary photography in general, we can arrange to meet somewhere convenient and do that.

Take the opportunity now, because at some point, I’ll be charging for this service.

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