Decisions, decisions

Colour or black and white? Black and white or colour? Most of the time, this most fundamental of rendering choices makes itself. There are subjects that naturally lend themselves to black and white photography and others that demand colour.

Occasionally, though, I find myself torn. Even comparing both, I find that I still can’t choose which I prefer.

Case in point: I was taking some pictures at the Cinnamon Club the other day. This one, of saxophonist Alison Diamond, just screamed "black and white’ at me.

Later, on the main stage, Sounds of Simon were performing, and some of the images similarly cried out for colour.

Here, a black and white treatment loses the impact of the smoke in the coloured lights and fails to add anything.

But, for some other images, I am genuinely torn. I don’t know which I prefer. On the one hand, the colour treatment retains the… well, colour on stage, whereas the black and white has, I feel, a bit more drama. See what you think…

For reference, all images were shot with a Nikon D800, 50mm f/1.8 at ISO 6400. Post processing in Adobe Lightroom 4 using the excellent XeL presets from x-equals.

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