Walking in sunshine

It was one of those lovely bright, late winter days and, as the sun dipped down to the west, the light took on a mellow warmth that could not be denied. Hat and coat quickly donned (it was still a bit nippy), I headed out for a wander around some of the local streets.

Now, I blame my good friend (and wonderful photographer) Marc Provins for influencing me and helping me find a style for these little jaunts. The trick to photography is to be able to see the picture before you take it – everything else is fiddling around to get the picture that you saw. The beauty of it is that different people will see a different picture in the same scene. There’s something about Marc’s work that really resonates with me, and it has been a big influence on the way I see the world around me – especially when I’m in my local area. Click that link and enjoy.

When I got back, I found that I had a loose theme of winter/damage/repair going on. I hadn’t planned it, that’s just the way it came out, what with some extensive road works happening nearby and lots of potholes around – some repaired, some not.

In a few weeks, these images will be gone – the works will be finished, the light will be different. Photography allows us to record the changing face of the world we live in, to capture and store those fleeting times that are all too soon gone.

For those that are interested in such things: all these pictures were taken with a Nikon D800 and 50mm f/1.8 lens (my favourite combination). They were processed in Lightroom 4, making extensive use of the XeL:Toolkit from the people at x-equals (Kodachrome 25 emulation, for the record).