Wander around for a while with – if I may use the phrase – a photographer’s eye, and you’ll start seeing things in a new way. They’ve always been there, of course—indeed, you probably pass them every day. But once you start to really look at things, your mind form associations beyond the mundane. It may be an element of humour, it may be a connection with something apparently unrelated, or it may just simply be an ‘aha’ moment.

Take these two pictures: commonplace objects that pop up everywhere; a phone box, a pillar box a couple of switching stations. These things are important in our lives—although the phone box and pillar box may be becoming less so as modes of communication change.

What struck me with these images, though, was the conjunction of the two objects, like a pair of mismatched guards on sentry duty. Laurel and Hardy, maybe, or (for the Pratchett fans) Colon and Nobby. We pass them every day, but only notice them when we need them or if they fail in their duty.

The next time you’re out for a wander, open your eyes to what’s around you and you may spot something that just brightens your day for a while; something new, something fresh amidst the old and boring.