Spotty internet connections and busy days stopped me from updating the blog every day, as I had intended.

This was going to be another ‘gallery’ post; more pictures giving my impressions of a place that is new to me. In other words, another post like the previous one.

As I worked through the pictures I took that day, I kept returning to one particular image. Not because it is in any way a spectacular image, but because of the subject: a very powerful piece of sculpture.


This is one section (of three) of a frieze on a building that is currently home to the Sociedad de Prevención de Ibermutuamur in Alicante. I don’t think that the current occupants have anything to do with the frieze, and I’m finding it hard to get any information about it.

I love the styling of the figures: there’s a strength and dignity about them, and the way the sculptor has filled the square format of the panel is delightful.

This was a picture that I saw as I was walking down the street, captured it, and moved on (I think lunch was very much on my mind at the time). It was only when I came to process it that I realised that it actually affected me far more on sustained viewing than it had on a brief glimpse while walking from point A to point B.

I think this illustrates a point about trusting your eye and capturing that shot, even if it doesn’t necessarily ‘hit’ you straight away.

Where ‘point A’ = café and ‘point B’ = restaurant.