This is the last catch-up entry from my holiday in Spain.

One thing that strikes me about almost every town and village in France or Spain is the importance of the market. It seems that they are more concerned with the freshness of the food than with its appearance (as we seem to be). And so markets are well-attended and well-provisioned wherever you go. It makes them wonderful places to wander around, and gorgeous subjects for photography.

The Mercado Central in Alicante isn’t as big as, and neither does it have the sheer ebullience of, the Boquería in Barcelona, but I would still love to see something like it in my home town, rather than yet another chain supermarket selling bland, uniform, tasteless—but good-looking—fare.

Markets, and the importance of the town square in daily life are the two things that really attract me to the continental lifestyle and seriously tempt me to move. On the downside, though, I don’t really ‘do’ heat and I like my landscapes green rather than brown, so maybe I’ll stay here.

Try to tell a story with your photographs. Pick something that interests you, or that maybe typifies a place, and try to get a series of 4 or 5 pictures that give someone else a feel for that place or thing.

† Or maybe it’s time to investigate Normandy…

‡ …except that they don’t play rugby in that part of France.