The city by night

Some cities wake up when the sun goes down, whilst others go to sleep.

York leans toward the latter – a vibrant tourist trap by day, by night it becomes the haunt mostly of the ghost walkers. One could be forgiven for thinking that everyone who is out in York at night is either guiding or being led on a tour of the ghost stories of the city.

As seems to be a regular happening on my visits to York, it was raining as we waited for our ghost hunt guide to arrive. Fortunately, it soon relented, leaving the streets nicely wet for some night-time photography.

If you wanted a measure of how much digital camera technology has improved in recent years, you only need to look at the quality of pictures taken at high ISO settings. There was a time not so long ago when I couldn’t even set ISO 6400 on my camera. Now, not only can I do that, but the images that come back have noise levels that are better than the old camera at ISO 800.

Here are some pictures of the walk we took, including our genial guide Andy Dextrous (every evening at 7:30, start from The Shambles).



† And the D800’s performance is even better than the OM-D that I was using.