Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside

I’ve posted before about the great British seaside (and I’m sure I’ll do so again).

I especially like to go out of season: in-season, there are too many crowds and I don’t find it a particularly pleasant experience but out of season it’s much quieter. I’m fascinated by the hardy souls who, seemingly whatever the weather, will march resolutely out onto the beach and go wading or build sandcastles or search for crabs. There’s something poignant—almost defiant—about seeing a few people out there on a large expanse of sand, insitently enjoying themselves.
All power to them, I say. Let none scoff. Even if it’s not the sort of thing you personally enjoy, if others do and they harm no-one, then be happy for them.
Anyway, to the pictures. I was in Rhyl last month and there were several isolated groups of people out there on the shore, so I took some pictures.