Spinning in a good cause

I have no idea why static cycling is called ‘spinning’: what’s wrong with ‘static cycling’?

Be that as it may, we had another charity event at my local gym the other evening, and I managed to grab a few minutes to photograph some of the people taking part in a 25km ‘spin’ to raise funds for cancer research.This brief posed a bit of a challenge since the room with the bikes has black walls and — shall we say? — unhelpful lights. The black walls I quite like; they give a nice background that helps to emphasise the people taking part. The lights are a different matter, though: their positioning meant that most people were backlit and I had to cope with a high level of contrast, as there was little ambient light coming back off the (black, remember?) walls.

Fortunately, the D800 has superb high ISO performance (these were all shot at ISO 3200), and the deeper bit depth of the RAW files (14 bits, rather than 12) means that I have a lot of latitude to boost shadows and pull back apparently blown highlights.

So, after a bit of firtling in Lightroom, here are some of the pictures I took.