Doors, windows and colour

(Trigger warning for possible arty bollocks ahead)

I’ve had a bit of a thing for a few years now for photographing doors and windows. A large part of it is, I think, that they appeal to that part of me that likes clean geometric shapes. Mostly rectangles with the occasional triangle or semicircle and usually a high degree of symmetry, there’s a sense of order about them that can take on an almost abstract quality.

Beyond that mundane aspect, though, doors and windows are also places where two spaces meet. Walls are divisive. They separate: inside and outside, private and public, us and them. Doors and windows are the points where the spaces meet, where we can cross over or look in or out.

I also love strong colour, especially in large, mostly uniform blocks that take over the image so that it almost becomes about the colour, not the ostensible subject.

On a recent break to Bishop’s Castle in Shropshire I was able to combine both areas of fascination. This town is full of quirky, brightly coloured buildings and I spent a happy hour or so just wandering around the streets photographing this delightful place.

Here are the results.