Another Manchester marathon, and I was looking for a new way to approach photographing it. Although there’s always the runners, the spectators and the entertainment, I like to have some sort of ‘hook’ to think about that marks one year off from another.

This year I decided to look at the runners’ feet: after all, what is more evocative of the experience for the majority of participants than the state of their feet at the end of it?

And, yes, I am aware that not everybody runs the marathon.


The seaside, again

We woke up to a gloriously bright, crisp, late February morning. After months of dull, wet, gloomy weather, this looked like an ideal day for a trip to the seaside — our first this year. We shoved the dog into his travel cage in the car and, an hour or so later, we were at one of our favourite places for a day out: Southport.

The wind was bitterly cold, but that just meant that the light had that wonderful crisp, blue quality of a winter’s day. It reminds me in some ways of that hard, Mediterranean light that produces such vivid colours.

Here are a few random noticings from the visit…

Once more down to the sea…

Have I said how much I like the seaside? I’m sure I’ve mentioned it once or twice.

This time it was a new place for us: Hoylake on The Wirral. Unfortunately, we went on a Sunday, when the town was almost entirely shut, but we did manage to find a dog-friendly cafe for lunch (hello, Flavours Cafe).

Doors, windows and colour

(Trigger warning for possible arty bollocks ahead)

I’ve had a bit of a thing for a few years now for photographing doors and windows. A large part of it is, I think, that they appeal to that part of me that likes clean geometric shapes. Mostly rectangles with the occasional triangle or semicircle and usually a high degree of symmetry, there’s a sense of order about them that can take on an almost abstract quality. Continue reading “Doors, windows and colour”