I recently had a nice, relaxing week in Spain, chillin’ and enjoying the weather and the food.

We visited Mojácar Pueblo (as distinct from Mojácar Playa) on market day. I love markets, not just as a visitor/shopper but also as a photographer. The stalls and the goods on display can be so vibrant and busy and just  endlessly fascinating. As, of course, are the people, both stallholders and shoppers.

I chose to process these images as black and white because it can take much higher contrast than colour images and this, I feel, allows me to give much more of a sense of the heat of the day. The almost burnt-out highlights coupled with lots of deep blacks helps to convey that sense of a burning sun bleaching the land whilst deep shadows hide all manner of unexpected things.

And wine…

The city by night

Some cities wake up when the sun goes down, whilst others go to sleep.

York leans toward the latter – a vibrant tourist trap by day, by night it becomes the haunt mostly of the ghost walkers. One could be forgiven for thinking that everyone who is out in York at night is either guiding or being led on a tour of the ghost stories of the city. Continue reading “The city by night”


This is the last catch-up entry from my holiday in Spain.

One thing that strikes me about almost every town and village in France or Spain is the importance of the market. It seems that they are more concerned with the freshness of the food than with its appearance (as we seem to be). And so markets are well-attended and well-provisioned wherever you go. It makes them wonderful places to wander around, and gorgeous subjects for photography. Continue reading “Market”

Up and down


Tuesday was a lazy day, much sitting around in cafés, chewing the fat.

Pictures today from Mojácar pueblo. I’ve been here a few times now, and the one enduring aspect of it is that it has lots of ‘up’. The view (and the café) is worth it, but it can be quite punishing on a very hot day — which may go some way to explaining the new lift that’s been installed to take you up about half of the climb. I was grateful for it, but it still feels a bit like cheating. Continue reading “Up and down”