This is a list of things that I specialise in. If your requirements don’t appear here, please get in touch—I’m sure we can work something out.



I can give personalised tuition in using your camera, learning to see, Photoshop and Lightroom.


I work with my clients to produce a portrait that is about them, not just of them.

This means that I’ll spend a bit of time talking to you, to try to understand something of your personality so that together we can produce a picture that brings out the inner you, not just a false pose and a cheesy grin.

I prefer to take portraits in places where you are comfortable—home, work or somewhere you spend your leisure time. This results in a more natural picture, since you’re much more relaxed than you would be in a studio setting.

And, at the end, you’ll have a mounted and framed portrait, printed on acid-free fine-art paper using archival quality inks.


Are you in a band that’s looking for some publicity photos? I can cover your gigs, or I can do a band shoot the same way I do portraits—with your full involvement.


Like the portraits, these are printed on acid-free fine-art paper using archival inks. The image can either be one from my portfolio, or you can commission me to take a specific picture—let’s talk about it.


In addition to fine-art portraiture, I can also take pictures of you or your staff and colleagues for your company website. Any corporate site is improved with a ‘meet the team’ page that includes photos of real people—it engenders a bit more trust.

Or, if you need to show off your (small) products, call me for rates.

I’ve also worked with bars and restaurants to show off their produce and ambience.

Remember: you’ll spend money getting the rest of the website right. Don’t spoil it with amateur photographs—employ a professional.


There are two components to a lasting photographic memory of an important event: the pictures taken by friends and relatives, and a formal framework of pictures taken by a professional to give them context.

I can give you that important formal framework, so that you can remember your happy event for years to come.


As well as photography, I can also offer a limited calligraphy service. If there’s a favourite quote you want to hang on the wall, or a book that needs an inscription, give me a call.

An Important Caveat

In September 2014, I signed my name to the UN’s HeForShe campaign. My intent was to confirm (to myself, as much as anybody) my commitment to the principles enshrined in (for example) the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. In signing the UN’s campaign, I was committing myself to do more than just hold those principles dear to me, but to actively stand up for them: to oppose those who would deny another person their fundamental rights.

As a part of taking an active stance on these matters, I want to state the following:

Whilst I take great delight in shooting photographs for people, and am always happy to accommodate your needs and desires wherever possible,

  • If you have a misogynistic attitude, or if you believe that misogyny is not a global, cross-culture, cross-societal problem that needs to be tackled; or
  • If you have a racist attitude, or if you believe that racism is not a global, cross-culture, cross-societal problem that needs to be tackled; or
  • If you have a homophobic attitude, or if you believe that homophobia is not a global cross-culture, cross-societal problem that needs to be tackled;

then we probably won’t get on.

This is my statement of personal ethics. It’s important to me.