The seaside, again

We woke up to a gloriously bright, crisp, late February morning. After months of dull, wet, gloomy weather, this looked like an ideal day for a trip to the seaside — our first this year. We shoved the dog into his travel cage in the car and, an hour or so later, we were at one of our favourite places for a day out: Southport.

The wind was bitterly cold, but that just meant that the light had that wonderful crisp, blue quality of a winter’s day. It reminds me in some ways of that hard, Mediterranean light that produces such vivid colours.

Here are a few random noticings from the visit…

Red and Blue

One thing that I find myself constantly being attracted to in my photography is regular arrangements. I like the symmetry they present, whether that’s naturally occurring or human-designed.

I was at Salford City Stadium for the Sale Sharks press day ahead of the new season, and I couldn’t help but take this pair of pictures…

Red seats

Blue seats