Red and Blue

One thing that I find myself constantly being attracted to in my photography is regular arrangements. I like the symmetry they present, whether that’s naturally occurring or human-designed.

I was at Salford City Stadium for the Sale Sharks press day ahead of the new season, and I couldn’t help but take this pair of pictures…

Red seats

Blue seats

I love my ‘Blad

Like (I would imagine) the majority of photographers these days, I mostly work with digital cameras — a couple of Nikon DSLRs and a Panasonic compact. They are highly technically advanced, offering accurate auto focussing and exposure, and there is the attendant convenience of working with a digital RAW file: so many things — white balance, exposure, tonality — can be adjusted in software that one can lose sight of the technicalities when actually taking the picture. On balance, this a good thing, especially when the pressure’s on: at a wedding, a sports event or when time is short. Continue reading “I love my ‘Blad”