Island of calm

A few days ago, I took a trip to Pomona Island in Manchester (well Stretford, really) with some photographer friends. The trip was in the nature of a recce of the area for a project that we may do in the near future.

Nestled between the Bridgewater and Manchester Ship canals, Pomona has been, in its time, a leisure area and an industrial site, but now is an urban wasteland. It is a fascinating area for nature lovers, since few people visit, despite quite easy access, so there is little disturbance. One of the first things we saw when we arrived was a small bird of prey (I have no idea what) hovering, searching for its next meal.

As someone who studied a biological science, I am endlessly fascinated with the way nature will always intrude on mankind’s best efforts. And when we leave for any length of time—so that there is no hoeing, spraying, cleaning—the process is faster and more dramatic.

The owners, Peel Group (who seem to own an unhealthily large proportion of land around here), want to build flats on it. There are others who would like it made into an inner-city recreation area, like it once was, and still others would like it to be a nature reserve. I just have to bring back the memory of that kite(?) to know which alternative I’d prefer.

Anyway, here’s a gallery that shows the ‘battle’ between nature and mankind’s attempts to tame it.